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souyo comic

OK SO CONTEXT: It's november? Or December. The angsty part of P4. Souji's family's in the hospital and he is fucked up over it. Yosuke notices he wasn't at school (maybe for the second day in a row) and comes to give him dinner and see what's up. [tl;dr Souji's trashed his room looking for something Nanako gave him]

At some point while Yosuke's comforting him, overwhelmed by Yosuke's kindness and too exhausted and needy to keep himself from not 'taking advatange', Souji kisses him & immediately regrets it.

after that yosukes like ANYWAY THE POINT IS, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!! You should really just worry about yourself right now. (And they clean Souji's room together)

the end
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leave me here to die
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